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SDEB GEOPHYSICIST is involved in mathematical modeling of mechanism of wave processes formation in the focus of explosion along with the laws of their propagation in the homogeneous and stratified soils and rocks at presence the barriers and structural elements. The numerical methods for creation of the algorithms and software for specific tasks are developed for modeling of:


  • single and multiple explosions of cylindrical charges;

  • wave propagation in the homogeneous and stratified soils at presence of barriers and structural elements;

  • interaction of the seismic blast waves with protected underground and surface objects.


A Group for Experimental Studies on the Seismic Safety of Man-Made Explosions deals with:

  • creation of a modern digital complex for recording of rapid oscillatory processes, including the seismic blast waves;

  • development of methods for determining of seismic resistance of various objects with taking into account of frequency characteristics of the blast wave and the object for calculation of the parameters of blasting;

  • expert evaluation of the unplanned explosions with the allowance for various destructive factors.

Scientific Research

The theoretical and practical activity of SDEB GEOPHYSICIST, as follows, in:

  • developing of new  seismosafe technologies of blasting and evaluation of existing technologies with the subsequent issuance of recommendations;

  • developing of standard documentation for assessing of acceptable levels of seismic safety for different types of objects;

  • preliminary expert assessment of the projects for special blasting intended for destruction of the objects in the light of the seismic safety of protected sites;

  • analysis and expert evaluation of accidental explosions, terrorist attacks, etc.

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