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Over a history spanning 20 years, Special Design-Engineering Bureau GEOPHYSICIST, Scientific-Production Enterprise has developed into a firm offering integrated engineering consulting services, seismic safety and scientific research.  SDEB GEOPHYSICIST blends local experience with a global perspective and maintains a staff of leading engineers and scientists in fields that include civil engineering, rock mechanics, mining engineering, geophysics, hydrogeology and others.  We conduct a face-to-face business in the language of our clients while providing a broad base of expertise for every project by teaming staff.



SDEB GEOPHYSICIST combines its background of practical engineering and field experience with unparalleled knowledge of research and data analysis techniques. Our spectrum of clients includes mining companies, petroleum service and operating companies, civil design and construction firms, government agencies, research universities and other engineering consulting firms.

Our Vision


Understanding the objectives and concerns of our clients is a cornerstone of our business and allows SDEB GEOPHYSICIST to tailor our services to meet project requirements. Our quest for constant improvement and built-in quality throughout every project is the driving force behind our organization. Delivering reliable and cost-effective service to our clients is our ultimate corporate purpose. SDEB GEOPHYSICIST professionals focus their expertise on the geotechnical,seismic safety, mining, geologic aspects of constructed facilities and the environment. We apply engineering and geologic principles with professional judgment, backed by field investigations and laboratory testing. Our objective is to provide technically-sound recommendations after consideration of the theoretical, practical, and economic aspects of your projects.

Project-specific information, gathered from discussions with our clients, is used to customize our services to meet individual project requirements. Our quest for built-in quality throughout each project and constant improvement is the driving force behind our organization. Delivering reliable, cost-effective service to our clients is our ultimate corporate purpose.



SDEB GEOPHYSICIST is a multi-disciplined consulting engineering firm that maintains a successful record for providing quality-engineering services. SDEB GEOPHYSICIST​ offers an array of Civil, Structural, Geotechnical, Environmental and Mining Engineering consulting services; as well as Seismic Surveying  and Special Inspection services. SDEB GEOPHYSICIST is equipped to deliver projects from concept through to completion with customer satisfaction.  SDEB GEOPHYSICIST employs a team of highly skilled Professional Engineers, Scientists Designers, Detailers, Geologists and Surveyors supported by a team of exceedingly accomplished technicians, specialists and administrative staff members. Our professional team utilizes state-of-the-art analysis and design tools to assist in providing our customers with accurate and productive engineering solutions. SDEB GEOPHYSICIST’s goal is to offer specialization, experience and excellent workmanship to both private and public sectors with results that exceed expectations. SDEB GEOPHYSICIST is committed to creating and implementing designs and solutions that preserve, yet improve the quality of business, community, environment and the economy. Through outstanding leadership, experience and teamwork, SDEB GEOPHYSICIST offers professional quality services on time and within budget.

Company Profile
Working as a team, our bright people will deliver the right solutions.
We exist to serve our clients, our people, and our communities. We are driven to help them recognize their potential and realize their goals.
We will always:
  • Deliver the right solutions to our clients, every time, as one team.

  • Control our destiny by running a sustainable, financially sound business.

  • Be honest, fair and personally accountable to our clients and each other.

  • Take care of one another, safely delivering high quality services.

  • Have fun and build lasting friendships with one another and our clients.

  • Advocate environmentally and socially considerate decisions for our clients, our company and our communities.

We will build life-long relationships with highly valued clients, and with business partners who share our core beliefs. SDEB GEOPHYSICIST clients:
  • Are financially healthy and treat us with respect.

  • Have substantial and long-term opportunities.

  • Support a fair return for our services without undue risk.

To our clients and business partners, we pledge to always:
  • Understand their business and markets, and their needs.

  • Treat their challenges with urgency and respect.

  • Work relentlessly to meet and exceed their expectations.

To achieve our vision we must differentiate ourselves by:
  • Cultivating an environment where passionate, talented, problem solvers can unleash their potential.

  • Delivering "Big Company" resources with industry-leading teamwork and responsiveness.

  • Selecting lifetime clients, and delivering the right solution through a deep understanding of their business.

  • Providing innovations that are industry-transforming.

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