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A pre-construction survey serves to document pre-existing cracks that could become the subject of concern or a claim after construction begins. The survey serves as a baseline for monitoring any potential construction impacts on the structure and to identify potential structural conditions that might make the structure more sensitive to vibration effects. The pre-construction survey is a good public relations tool for educating neighbors about a project. Vibration or noise the neighbor may perceive as detrimental to their property, in our experience, will cause the owner to inspect their home more closely, causing them to find cracks they believe are new, yet pre-date the construction activities. This survey serves to preclude complaints and claims that often arise out of this common response.

Using digital imagery and standardized forms, pre-construction surveys involve both exterior and interior photographic and written documentation of the various building materials and existing cracks.  The locations and dimensions of pre-existing cracks within a structure are documented for future reference.   Existing items such as foundation walls, drywall partitions, flooring, sidewalks, etc. are visually surveyed and noted. General details about the structure, such as age, purchase date, history of repairs, etc. are obtained from the building owner during the survey. The general building materials used in the construction of the structure, water supply type, etc. are also documented.

Pre-Construction Surveys

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